SDN Solutions

Based on OpenFlow Telecom Solutions: SFC (Service Function Chaining) Tapping (Traffic Mirroring) BGP w/ OpenFlow

Multi-layer topology and simulation platform

Based on Juniper vMX:
OSPF monitoring and path display module
MPLS monitoring and path display module
Telecom MPLS Simulation and Optimization Platform

Cloud Enterprise Management Platform

Based on PyEZ and Ansible:
Cloud network management platform, supporting Juniper's implementation management solution consistent with other device vendors

Customized software service

Provide customized services to create a high-efficiency network architecture management platform for customer needs

Cross-label network automation management platform - Intellinet

Through the Intellinet Network Automation Platform, enterprises and telecom service providers can effectively manage a large number of brands and switches/firewalls/routers via a single platform, while deploying a large number of settings with work scheduling. The road setting adjustment is more flexible.


We are a team from Taiwan. Founded in 2015, it provides telecommunications and data center automation solutions and continues to delve into the technical architecture.

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